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3 Reasons Why LTO’s Online Plate Number Verification is Helpful

Some say that patience is a virtue. Others say that good things come to those who wait, while most Filipino motorists cry to have their new license plates. After all, they’ve already paid for it. The Philippine government already expressed

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Premium Gas

Most people are not clear on the type of gas to use and similarly, do not understand the difference between regular and premium gas. Lack of knowledge on the right type of gas to use reduces your car’s power thus

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LTO Eyesight Requirements for Driver’s License Application and Renewal

Having good eyesight is the most important and critical part of being a driver because driving relies heavily on the driver’s vision. Just like any other countries, Philippine’s LTO also includes eyesight check-up as a requirement before gaining a driver’s

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Types of Emergency Vehicle Sirens and Who Are Allowed to Use One

Emergency vehicle requires sirens and lights for easy recognition by other vehicles that are hitting the same road. Philippines, just like any other country has designated specific sirens for ambulance cars, police cars and fire trucks. Sirens were basically built

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Gasoline Vs. Diesel Engine: What Should You Buy?

  The common question that every first time car buyers  is to either get a gasoline or diesel engine type of cars. It’s always a tough job to choose just between the two, right? Let this article help you out in

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LTO Vehicle Registration and Renewal Process

All vehicles (brand new or second hand) should be registered in a Land Transportation Office (LTO) to make the ownership valid. This is what you call ‘vehicle registration.”’ Since this is a legal process, documentations are needed to prove the

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Smoky Exhaust: Types, Causes and Fines

Smoky exhaust or popularly known as smoke belching in the Philippines is a type road violation. Smoke belching has always been scrutinized in the country not only because it causes air pollution (according to a study, almost 65% of pollution

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