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To get your driver's license here in the Philippines you'll need to pass the LTO driver's license written examination. Here you'll find the most comprehensive reviewer containing questions with answers to help you pass the LTO written exam and prepare you for driving on Philippine roads.

This LTO exam reviewer will make you well versed with the Philippine road and traffic rules and make you a better, more effective, safer driver.

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Getting your licence

If you would like to know the process you'll need to get your driver's license click on the following links below:

If you are moving into the Philippines or coming on holiday and would like to drive here, click here to see our information about driving in the Philippines on a foreign license.


Sections covered

Questions are conveniently broken into sections within the quizzes and are randomised each time.

  • Signs and markings - road signs, lane markings and other road markings.
  • Parking - rules and restrictions relating to vehicle parking in the Philippines.
  • Emergencies - what to do during driving emergencies such as mechanical failures and accidents.
  • Road position - where you should position your vehicle while driving.
  • Violations and penalties - what happens if you commit a driving offense.
  • General knowledge - basic driving knowledge every motorist should know.
  • Handing and driving - the know-hows of driving the optimal way.
  • Mga palatandaan at marka - mga palantandaan at marka sa kalsada.
  • Pagparada - mga panuntunan at restriksyon sa pagparada ng sasakyan.
  • Kagipitan - ang mga dapat gawin sa oras ng kagipitan sa pagmamaneho tulad ng pagkasira ng makina o aksidente.
  • Posisyon sa kalsada - saan dapat iposisyon ang sasakyan sa kalsada.
  • Paglabag at mga parusa - ano ang mangyayari kapag nilabag mo ang batas trapiko.
  • Pangkalahatang kaalaman - mga kalaman sa pagmamaneho siyang dapat na alam ng lahat ng motorista.
  • Pagmamaniobra at pagmamaneho - mga karunungan sa pagmamaneho sa pinakamainam ng paraan.

All questions have supporting information not supplied on other websites and this helps you learn quicker.

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