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Driver’s License Renewal: LTO Non-professional – 2020

A Non-professional driver’s license will expire 3 years after it was acquired or renewed. Drivers that has not been apprehended for any traffic violation during the 3-year validity period of their driver’s license can apply for a 5-year validity period of their license upon renewal. Its expiration date is the same as its owner’s birthday, making it easier to remember when to renew it.

List of Requirements

  • Non-professional license card due to expire or expired (for not more than 2 years)
  • Filled out driver’s license application form (ADL)
  • Medical certificate and negative drug test result (from a DOH or LTO-accredited drug testing center or hospital)


  1. In your nearest LTO license renewal center, proceed to the customer service counter and secure a driver’s license application form. You can also download the ADL form here and have it filled out before transacting to any LTO office.
  2. Get a checklist of requirements and a queue number from LTO customer service counter and wait for your number to be called.
  3. Once your number is called, go to the evaluator counter to submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
  4. When your name is called, proceed to where your photo and signature would be taken.
  5. Go to the cashier and pay the application fee to get your official receipt (OR)
  6. Proceed to the releasing counter once your name is called and present the OR to claim your Professional driver’s license.

Fees and charges

Fees and chargesAmount in Php
License fee plus computer fee₱652.63
Penalty fees for expired licenseAmount in Php
1 day to 1 year₱75.00
1 year to 2 years₱150.00
More than 2 years₱225.00

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