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Had a traffic violation? Here’s where and how to pay

Almost every driver at some point will have at least minor traffic violation in their driving life. No matter how good you are of a driver or how keen are you with the Philippine road and traffic rules it’s just inevitable to have a traffic violation with our current road rules and signage here in the country. Take for example the route from Aurora boulevard  to Araneta Center Cubao. There is not a single road sign that tells you that vehicles on the left lane must turn left yet when you’ve decided to go straight you’ll be stopped by a traffic enforcer for a traffic violation. These type of schemes are particularly rampant in the country and all Filipinos know that corruption takes many forms. From high government officials down to the lower ranks which includes traffic enforcers on the roads.


No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy

Due to the increasing numbers of traffic violators the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) has decided to re-implement the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy in April 15, 2016. Instead of the conventional apprehension of traffic violators the system utilizes CCTV cameras and other gadgets to determine motorists that violates road and traffic rules within Metro Manila. So now traffic violators are issued a ticket directly from an MMDA enforcer, courier service or a registered inbox mail. The great news is that violators can now settle the penalty charges at the MMDA office or via MMDA payment centers.


For traffic violations issued within 7 days

If your violation issuance has not exceeded 7 days you may settle at any of the following MMDA payment centers below:


  • Metrobank branch (all branches)
  • SM Bills Payment Outlet (all outlet)
  • Meralco Bayad Centers


  • Meralco Complex-Gate 2 (Meralco Complex, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City)
  • Pinagkamaligan Meralco Branch (Ma. Roxas St., Barangay Pinagkamaligan, Tanay, Rizal)
  • Tropical Hut Taytay (Ortigas Ave. Extension corner E. Rodriguez Ave., Taytay, Rizal
  • Ever Gotesco Commonwealth (Ever Gotesco Center, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City)
  • Pritil Tondo (Beside Puregold Pritil)
  • Gulod Novaliches (Beside Meralco Nova)
  • Ultra Mega Paliparan (Inside Ultra Mega Supermarket)
  • Zapote Arcade (Beside Puregold Zapote)
    Zapote Arcade corner Quirino, Zapote Road, Las Piñas City
  • Romacom Muntinlupa (Beside PNB Poblacion
    Romacom Building, Muntinlupa City)
  • Cangatba Porac (Back of Municipal Hall of Porac
    Cangatba, Porac, Pampanga)


For traffic violations issued more than 7 days

Traffic violations that has been issued for more than seven (7) days you will need to settle your penalty charges at the MMDA Redemption Office located at EDSA corner Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.


For disputes or protests regarding your violation

If you have any dispute regarding your violation you could proceed to the MMDA Traffic Adjudication Division.


What happens if you have unpaid violations?

If you have more than three unsettled violation penalty charges you’re going to have to secure a certificate of attendance by participating in the Traffic Academy program of the MMDA. Otherwise you could settle the violation charges at the MMDA main office.


Traffic violators who refuse to pay their penalty charges will not be granted vehicle registration renewal and the violator and his vehicle details shall be reported to the LTO and be included in the Alarm List of MMDA. In addition to this, his driver’s license renewal will also become invalid.


What if you’ve had a traffic rule violation that you’re now aware of, How would you be able to check it?

The good news is that MMDA has developed a website called “May Huli Ba?,” this stores into its database all the unsettled traffic violations then indexes and shows it to you upon entering your license plate number. To know more about the MMDA’s website check out this article.
This is all summed up in the infographic below.

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