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If you want to drive slower than other vehicles on a highway you should stay on the: If you want to drive slower than other vehicles on a highway you should stay on the:

  • A. center lane

  • B. innermost (left) lane

  • C. outermost (right) lane

    The correct answer is C
    When driving slowly on an expressway or a highway you should stay in the right lane to give way to vehicles that may pass in the left lane.

If you want or need to drive slower than other vehicles then you should stay on the rightmost lane of the road so you won’t obstruct other vehicles behind you.


Speed on expressways and highways



Expressways are designed to move large volumes of vehicles at similar speed safely and efficiently across long distances. Uniform speed is essential to an expressway’s efficiency.



Highways are slower roads than expressways. They are designed for moderate to fast speed (depending on the number of carriageways) and they are used as major roads.


Driving too slow

If you drive too slowly you cause lots of lane changes by motorists who need to pass you. Changing lanes increases the risk of accidents, and slows the average speed of the road once traffic reaches a critical volume. If you cannot drive within 20kph of the expressway or highway speed limit then you are causing a problem, plus driving slowly will frustrate other drivers.  


Driving too fast

Speedy drivers are to be blamed equally. Since traffic tends to move at a uniform speed, other drivers won’t be able to judge the position of your vehicle if you are going much faster than everyone else. You will have a harder time stopping if traffic in front of you suddenly brakes, hence you’ll increase your accident risk.