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In a roundabout (rotunda), which has road rights? In a roundabout (rotunda), which has road rights?

  • A. The vehicles facing the yellow light

  • B. The vehicles already in the roundabout

  • C. The vehicles approaching the roundabout

    The correct answer is B
    In a roundabout, the vehicles already in the roundabout always have the right of way.

Driving at roundabouts


A roundabout is a circular intersection without stop signs or traffic lights where traffic flows counter-clockwise (right-hand drive) revolving around a central island structure. Roundabouts reduce vehicle speeds compared to a regular intersection, and this results in improved safety for all road users. They also promote smoother traffic flow.


Turning right  

Approach the roundabout in the right lane, indicating right, and make sure to give way to traffic already on the roundabout before you make the turn.


Going around the roundabout

Signal right and move to the rightmost lane as you pass the exit just before the one you want to take, leaving the roundabout in the same lane as you entered it.