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You should not overtake in places like: You should not overtake in places like:

  • A. All answers are correct

  • B. At the foot of a bridge

  • C. In an intersection

    The correct answer is A
    Never overtake in an intersection, and at the foot of or while climbing a bridge skyway because incoming vehicles on top of the skyway would not be visible.

Passing other vehicles


Overtaking at the foot of, or while climbing up a skyway bridge is very dangerous because your view of the road ahead is restricted and you may not see oncoming vehicles driving down the bridge on the opposite direction.

If there’s heavy traffic on top of the bridge you won’t be able to see it while you’re still going up, so reduce your speed as you near the top of the bridge and be ready to step on the brake just in case.

Passing other vehicles at an intersection is extremely dangerous as your vision is very limited and you won’t see oncoming vehicles to the left and right of the intersection. Unless you’re driving a fire truck or an ambulance for emergency, be patient and wait to pass the intersection before you overtake.