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What are white lines on the road for? What are white lines on the road for?

  • A. Sign that you can go left or right

  • B. Separates traffic going in two directions

  • C. Separates traffic going in one direction

    The correct answer is C
    Broken white lines separate traffic going in one direction.

Broken white lines


2 or more carriageways

A broken white line separates traffic going in one direction in two or more carriageways. This means you can overtake on either left or right side of the road, and go beyond and over the white lines.


road with broken white line


In the picture above, vehicle B can pass vehicle A and vice versa. But if you plan to drive at a slow pace, you should stay on the right lane to give way to faster vehicles — because the left lane is the overtaking lane.


Single carriageway

On a single carriageway, a broken white line acts as a center line. This center line provide a visual divide  between two carriageways moving in opposite directions, as you can see in the image below.


broken white line on single carriageway


Many roads use white lines as the center line, but some roads (often in residential areas), and rural roads and lanes have no markings at all.