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What is the meaning of the green arrow traffic sign? What is the meaning of the green arrow traffic sign?

  • A. The vehicle is not allowed to enter the intersection pointed by the arrow

  • B. The vehicle is allowed to go left or right

  • C. Pedestrians can cross

    The correct answer is B
    A green arrow traffic light means go either left or right, depending on where the arrow is pointing.

Green arrow traffic light

If you are turning left or right at traffic lights showing red arrow pointed to the direction you’re turning, stop until the arrow turns green, or wait until the red arrow disappears and you’ll see a green light, then proceed and make the turn.

If there is no green turning arrow light after the red arrow light, wait until the way is clear and proceed when it is safe to do so.  

Intersections with more traffic volume and fast roads often have two or more lanes in both opposite directions and are more likely to have green and red, and sometimes with yellow turning arrow traffic light to prevent drivers from making ill-judged decisions. A yellow turning arrow lights indicates that the arrow is about to turn red.