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What is the meaning of the yellow traffic light? What is the meaning of the yellow traffic light?

  • A. You can go but slow down

  • B. Stop

  • C. Prepare to stop as the red light is about to light up

    The correct answer is C
    You have to judge if you can stop or not. Yellow lights are carefully calculated to give you ample time to stop if you are travelling at the speed limit in the wet.

Yellow light

A yellow light comes right after a green light and indicates that the light is about to turn red. You must stop if you are able, and if it’s safe to do so, and this would vary upon the road and traffic conditions, the braking ability of your vehicle, and the ability of people trailing you to stop.


Duration of traffic light

The duration that the yellow light displays depends upon the speed of an intersection. The minimum time for any yellow light is 3 seconds for any intersection, and this varies together with speed. You could check out here the recommended duration and how to calculate the duration of a yellow light.

Yellow lights on faster roads are longer because it takes longer for vehicles to stop, and are slower in urban areas where traffic flow are slower.

Green and red traffic lights have variable phases that could be adjusted depending on the traffic flow of an intersection. A major road could have longer duration of green lights because of the expected traffic volume on it, while a minor road joining a major road could have shorter duration of green lights because it is expected to have less traffic flow.