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Which of the following best describes the picture? Which of the following best describes the picture?

  • A. The distance to the next intersection is 60 km

  • B. Given speed limit

  • C. Given length of the vehicle

    The correct answer is B
    This is a speed limit sign that indicates a speed limit of 60kph, as long as the road and vehicle conditions are safe to do it.

Speed limit


Speed limits are enforced with a little tolerance given to allow variances in speedometer accuracy, and to give drivers some leeway when they drift temporarily over the limit by a few kilometers per hour.

The maximum speed limit in the Philippines is 100kph, commonly seen on expressways; and the general speed limit is 60kph, commonly seen in urban areas.

Speed limits are set in order to provide a balance between safety to other motorists in the event of a crash, efficient movement of traffic, and the quality of the road in relation to the vehicles driving on it.

Temporary speed limits may apply in certain circumstances, such as around roadworks.

Lower speed limits apply in school zones.