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Which of the following best describes the picture? Which of the following best describes the picture?

  • A. Train track warning

  • B. First aid station

  • C. Intersection warning

    The correct answer is C
    This sign is a warning of a crossroad ahead.

Crossroad Sign


A crossroad sign means there is an intersection ahead with traffic approaching from the left, right and straight ahead. You must therefore prepare to stop to give the right of way to traffic even if there are no traffic lights, or a stop sign or give way sign. The major road always has the right of way but if you’re driving on the major road of an intersection don’t go past intersections without precaution; reduce your speed or even stop when necessary.

Watch for other drivers’ intentions by observing their change in speed and their road position. A person may be intending to turn, but isn’t indicating. Watch also for vehicles approaching the intersection that might not have seen you (especially important on a motorbike); motorbike riders may find they are more visible to vehicles entering from a side road by riding closer to the centre line, however, watch out for turning vehicles from the main thoroughfare.