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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Premium Gas

Most people are not clear on the type of gas to use and similarly, do not understand the

difference between regular and premium gas. Lack of knowledge on the right type of gas to use

reduces your car’s power thus causing damage. Undoubtedly, premium gas is the better option

and this is backed up by many auto experts. Other than the obvious reason that premium gas has

a higher octane level that is responsible for high engine performance and general efficiency,

there are several reasons as to why you should opt for premium gas.

1. Car power optimization

In order to benefit from the highly advertised horsepower, fill your car engine with premium gas.

It allows for your engine design and calibrations to be quite more aggressive. Cars whose

engines use premium fuel have been reported to yield additional power especially if you are

towing massive weight or even driving in extreme heat.


2. More Additives

Even though the additives in gasoline are not talked about much, they actually matter and the

right additives help in maintaining your car engine as required. Premium gas has a higher

concentration of detergent additive and therefore improves the gas quality. The intake valves and

fuel injectors are well maintained as a very small amount is deposited.


3. Less knocking’

Uncontrolled combustion of fuel inside the gas cylinders severely cause damage which causes

knocking’. Premium gas causes less carbon deposits. Carbon deposits increase the combustion

ratio which consequently raises the engine’s octane rating. With this type of gas, even old cars

run much efficiently.


4. Improved mileage

Premium unleaded petrol increases the number of miles for your car before refilling. This is

because engines with higher power require less fuel refills. Auto experts recommend premium

gas even though your car uses regular gas as you need to refill less.


5. Lower fuel consumption

Lower fuel consumption is a huge save for most car owners and drivers as this saves on money.

The less the fuel consumed, the less the cost as well. With improved mileage comes less fuel

consumption. Even though the price of premium fuel might be a little higher, it is convenient to

use for long distance travels and also heavy-truck engines as well.


6. Reduced engine wear and tear

Whenever pressure and temperature are concerned, the engine tends to suffer a lot of damage.

Premium gas reduces the damage caused to your engine by reducing the risk of pre-ignition no

matter how hot and stressed your cylinder is.


7. Higher general performance

A car’s general and overall performance highly depends on the type of fuel used. If your car is

turbo or supercharged, or if you enjoy driving in open roads, it is best to increase your car’s

performance by filling your cylinders with Premium gasoline.

Before complaining about the price of premium gas being a few cents (per gallon) higher than

that of regular gas focus on the impeccable benefits of premium gas and evade any future

disappointments. It is after all one of the best life hacks when car talk is involved.

Carlos is a digital marketing and lead generation expert who has helped advocate driver education websites since 2012.

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