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Gasoline Vs. Diesel Engine: What Should You Buy?


The common question that every first time car buyers  is to either get a gasoline or diesel engine type of cars. It’s always a tough job to choose just between the two, right? Let this article help you out in making the right decision in choosing your car.




You may have heard a lot of different views about gas or diesel engine cars. To a lot of people, it is the expense that they consider to be the number one factor when purchasing a car. To some it is the acceleration, speed, and  power. While to others it could be the maintenance and resale value of the vehicle. Below are the common comparisons that may help you decide what to buy between the two types of car engine.


Fuel costExpensive (average of Php 41.00/liter)Cheap (average of Php 35.00/liter)
Resale valueLow valueHigh value (costs 15% more than the price of gasoline cars)
Performance27% efficient35% efficient
EngineDoesn’t self-ignite when compressed.Compresses air in the cylinder.
Spark plugYesNo
Injection processApplies a more roundabout route.Use direct fuel injection
TorqueLess powerMore powerful (good for towing)
Engine noiseLess noise createdNoisier than gasoline  
CO2 productionProduces more CO2Produces less CO2
Value for moneyCheaper than diesel carsExpensive engine

Advantages and Disadvantages


Need more descriptions to identify which is better than the other? Let’s take it to the specifics then.  Anything that is man made (or even not) has it’s inevitable pros and cons.


Advantages of Gasoline cars


  • Any gasoline engine cars (small or big)  are cheaper compared to diesel cars. Let’s take for example the Toyota Innova costs around Php 832,000.00 while the diesel counterpart of it costs Php 887,000.00
  • The fuel that gasoline cars uses is cleaner in terms of carbon, thus making it more cheaper to maintain and repair
  • Gasoline engine is better to be used in small cars. So if you opt to buy a compact car that are famous nowadays, make sure it uses gas
  • Usually cheaper initial cost and runs with a quieter engine.

Disadvantages of Gasoline Cars

  • Less hauling power and lower fuel efficiency
  • Gasoline is way expensive than diesel
  • Shorter lifespan

Advantages of Diesel cars

  • Diesel engine cars are fuel efficient
  • In terms of fuel, diesel is 20% cheaper than any unleaded fuel
  • Produce less pollution with a diesel particulate filter
  • Uses common-rail and turbo charging giving it the power to tow

Disadvantages of Diesel Cars

  • Engine has a tendency to accumulate dirt from diesel that could damage the fuel system and cost you more money  if not properly maintained.
  • The engine is quite noisy compared to gasoline engine cars, though manufacturers through the years have been making efforts to silence it down.
  • Engines powered by diesel also requires special lubricants to maintain it’s great performance


With all the comparisons and specifications mentioned above, the choice of getting a car still depends on your preference, purpose and term of use. If you want to use the car in a long term basis, better go with a diesel engine car. Also, if you have plans of using it as a public utility vehicle, better go for it since it’s fuel is cheaper. If you want to drive your car with speed like of that in the movies, go for a gasoline engine car instead.


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