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Top Driving Violations With Highest Fines in the Philippines

If you are driving here in the Philippines whether as a local or a foreigner then here’s something that you’d want to checkout. Below is the list of traffic violations with the most pricey penalty charges. You can visit MMDA’s website to checkout the full list of traffic violations and penalties.


CodeViolation1st offense2nd offense3rd offense
067USING MV IN COMMISSION OF CRIME₱10,000.00₱10,000.00₱10,000.00
095ILLEGAL TRANSFER OF PLATES / TAGS / STICKERS₱7,500.00₱7,500.00₱7,500.00
015ACOLORUM OPERATION (PASSENGER) – MMDA Reg. No. 97 – 004₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
203PRQDrag Racing / Speed Contest – PARANAQUE MMDA MC No. 14-11₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
094TAMPERING OF OR / CR / CPC & OTHER DOCUMENTS (SPURIOUS DOCUMENTS) – MMDA Reg. No. 97 – 004₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
190FAILURE TO DISPLAY THE REGULAR PLATE (w/comm. Plate)₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
191FAILURE TO CARRY ARMORED VEH. DOCUMENTS₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
192LACK OF ARMORED VEHICLE MARKINGS₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
192LACK OF ARMORED VEHICLE MARKINGS₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
009A*OUT OF LINE OPERATION – MMDA Reg. No. 97 – 004₱5,000.00₱5,000.00₱5,000.00
144FAST / DEFECT / NON-OPER / TAMPERED TAXI METER₱2,500.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00
145BROKEN TAXIMETER SEAL₱2,500.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00
146FAKE /ALTERED TAXIMETER SEAL₱2,500.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00
147TAMPERED TAXIMETER SEAL₱2,500.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00
203PSYDrag Racing / Speed Contest – PASAY MMDA MC No. 14-11₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
023ADRIVING AGAINST TRAFFIC₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
066DRIVING UNDER INFLUENCE OF DRUGS₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
065DRIVING UNDER INFLUENCE OF LIQUOR₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
210Failure to Comply with LTFRB MC 2011-004₱2,000.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00
023BILLEGAL OR UNAUTHORIZED COUNTERFLOW – MMDA Reg. No. 97 – 003₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
201M***Overspeeding Macapagal Ave MMDA MC No. 14-11₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00
204M**Reckless Driving – PASAY & PARANQUE (w/seminar) MMDA MC No. 14-11₱2,000.00₱2,000.00₱2,000.00



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