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Number Coding Scheme: Know the Exemptions

The number coding scheme which commonly mistaken as color coding scheme and is formally called as Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) is a system implemented by Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) with the goal to alleviate traffic in Metro Manila areas by reducing the number of vehicles on Metro Manila roads.

This scheme has prevented Filipino car owners from driving their cars at specific times and days, and has got many Filipino car owners’ eyebrows raised because it means they have to leave their car and use public transport. It’s essential to know for Metro Manila drivers.

The number coding scheme is effective from 7am to 7pm, and has window hours (the time frame when the number coding scheme is lifted off) from 10am to 3pm in most cities of Metro Manila.

The table below shows the last digits of plate numbers with the equivalent day when they are banned from driving through Metro Manila.

WeekdayLast digit of plate number
Monday1 & 2
Tuesday3 & 4
Wednesday5 & 6
Thursday7 & 8
Friday9 & 0

There are cities and places in the Metro that have differences in the number coding scheme such as the following:

  • Pasig city window hours are from 9am to 4pm
  • Las Piñas and Makati don’t have window hours
  • Major roads with overlapping cities: EDSA, C5, Roxas Boulevard, and Diosdado Macapagal Avenue follow the 10am-3pm window hours no matter which city are you in.
  • Parañaque city has no window hours except on the following roads:
  1. East Service Road from Dr. Santos Avenue up to FTI Parañaque
  2. West Service Road from Dr. Santos Avenue up to Merville Park Subdivision
  3. Barangay Moonwalk: E. Rodriguez Street
  4. Barangay Don Bosco: Doña Soledad Avenue and Extension
  5. Barangay Don Bosco: President Aguinaldo Street, Japan Street, San Antonio Street, Japan Street, Michael Rua Street, and France Street
  • Marikina and Muntinlupa city does not observe the number coding scheme
  • Taguig City does not observe the number coding scheme except on its national main roads on its borders, i.e. East Service Road, C5, and Manuel L. Quezon
  • Exempted roads in Pasay city are: MIA road, Domestic road, Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Airport road, Sales road, and some portions of Buendia.

Exemption to the rule

There are cases which would immune one from the number coding scheme such as the following:

  • Vehicles who carry a passenger who require immediate medical attention
  • Doctors and medical personnel could also apply for this exemption
  • In Makati, senior citizens who have BLU cards with granted exemption
  • Motorcycles are exempted to this scheme


  1. All public utility buses are now under the number coding scheme.
  2. Truck-ban conduct passes granted in accordance with MMDA regulation numbers 96-005 and 98-006-A; and MMDA regulation 10-001 shall not include the authority to use EDSA.

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